My story

My journey through the professional world has been a rollercoaster ride, with twists and turns that have led me down unexpected paths. While my story may not be a showcase of perfection, it is a true reflection of where I am today.

As I reflect on my experiences, I see a clear division in my career journey. It all started with graduating from university, where I didn’t have the luxury of choosing my preferred field of study. Instead, I pursued a free education in engineering for five long years. After completing my degree, I decided to pivot my career and dive into the world of site building, which led me to become a content manager.

From there, I moved on to become a web analyst, a step that exposed me to a wealth of new knowledge and opportunities. Thanks to my grasp of HTML and CSS, I was able to explore a variety of analytics tools, which proved to be invaluable in my next role as a product analyst.

Working in a big team of around 100 people, I dove deep into the world of SQL and BI systems, soaking up every bit of knowledge and experience along the way. However, after a while, I felt the urge to explore a different aspect of the industry, leading me to try my hand at marketing analysis. While it was an interesting experience, I quickly realized that my passion lay more in the realm of product analysis, so I returned to it in my next role.

It was in this position that I found myself as the sole analyst in a company of over 200 employees. While it was challenging at times, I didn’t feel like I was growing as much as I wanted to. This realization prompted me to take a step back from my career and focus on my education. I took a leap of faith and started studying at an international university in Germany, despite the political turmoil at the time. It hasn’t been easy, but I am working hard to balance my studies with a part-time job that helps me make ends meet.

While I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in my career, I know that I have the power to push through and continue growing. Who knows where my journey will take me next? All I know is that I am excited to find out.

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